We at Laughing Boy Worldwide, have seen the urgency to support and donate to two of the most passionate and highly-rated charity organizations in the world, helping the conversations on global migration and motherly care.


        Children’s rights have been violated by the U.S - Mexico borders for decades now. Young girls and boys are given harsh legal treatment and torments in regards to family and relationships. 

 Assisting the leading national response agency, we will focus more on family-loved therapies, and multi-purpose approaches, addressing the interface and unique needs of children living at the border. 

 Through this foundation, we aim to address the specific needs of children at different stages. In our little way, we are here to draw global attention to the depressing need to coordinate and solve the challenges facing the children at our borders. 

 We are excited to support the children in Mexico with the tools so they can achieve their life purpose, live a deserved life. So not only will our donations sponsor a child and transform lives, it will also be helping with the U.S - Mexico border crisis children’s relief fund to ensure that the heart-breaking dilemma of children at the border is well resolved, protected, and sheltered. A percentage of our profits will be donated to the emergency reserves Children’s Emergency Fund, so specific emergencies will be handled with immediate actions. 

 Through your donation, we will help provide care and basic hygienic items to families and children, so they meet basic standards of living. Most of these victims deprived of the normal standard of living into our life of constant suffering and humiliation. Our goal is to eliminate that. 

If you would like to donate directly or learn more please visit their website at


There are millions of single mothers out there desperately fighting for the survival of their families. 

• Most single mothers are at increased risk for symptoms of postpartum depression. 

• Most single mothers didn’t quality education. Some with a ratio of dropping out of school.

• They lack societal support.

• Early motherhood is associated with adverse developmental outcomes for both mothers and children. 

• Difficulty raising a child, and influencing both maternal and child wellbeing. 

• Increased dysfunctional relations and socioeconomic factors that predispose to adolescent pregnancy.

• Increased risk for childhood psychopathology, suicide attempts, and drug addiction. 

• And many others. 

Most single mothers are seeking the right charity organization with the best financial assistance programs and escape from domestic violence. As it stands, we are so proud to work hand in hand with Bridge of Hope to provide them with the needed assistance regardless of their challenge.

Reaching out to them, we are ready to offer free services that will guide them into becoming self-reliant.

Let’s join hands together to make a difference.

If you would like to donate directly or learn more please visit their website at

God Bless.